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Sports & Travel Wash for after outdoor activities.

Facial Fabrics ® for advanced facial care.
TheraWash ® for bedside bathing and skin treatment.
Theraworx ™ non-alcohol Foaming Skin Cleanser

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All of our products are a patented breakthrough in Natural Skin Care.
We have the only products to date that exclude all commonly used inexpensive cosmetic and bathing ingredients that can also cause skin problems. We also have the only patent approved for a
One-step method of Cleansing, Moisturizing and Skin Treatment.

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Facial Fabrics ® and TheraWash ® products.

A thorough bath in just 10 minutes with NO shower or tub, NO water, NO soap, NO towels, and NO laundry. Uses special disposable premoistened cloths.

Its small size and light weight make it perfect for camping, fishing, hiking, boating, after sports, and traveling.

Quickly removes sweat, dirt, grime, odors, suntan lotions, make-up, etc. and leaves you feeling clean and refreshed.

Air dries in seconds as it remoisturizes and treats your skin.

Helps prevents germs from being spread by cross contamination from one part of the body to minor cuts or sores, which can cause infections.

Each resealable package contains 8 generous size cloths that are soft, strong, and luxurious. Use 1 to 2 cloths to freshen up or 4 to 8 for a full bath.

First used in hospitals to replace basin bed baths and for skin  problems.

Helps reduce itching, burns, redness  and helps skin to heal itself.

Contains pure Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, and Allantoin (which are commonly used in professional skin care) in amounts proven to be beneficial.

Even Woman's Day magazine (11/1/01) advises to read ingredient lists carefully for common irritants such as imidizole urea and propylene glycol. See Competitor Product Health Warning for more info and our safe ingredient list.



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Requires NO water, soap, towels, basin, or laundry

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